We recommend the print to be mounted on an archival acid free foam board, or on Di-bond trimmed to the crop lines. This will remove the artist signature, however, edition stickers are enclosed: (1) to be adhered to the back of the mounted photo and (1) to be adhered to the back of built up frame, visible.


We use a Larson frame #119631, which is a White Shadow Box. This will allow an inside side wall depth of 5/8” white. Frame profile is also available in black, however, 85% of the Ice Huts project is white. Glass is always a big choice, but we recommend Tru-Vue Museum glass for the best contrast and least reflection. Conservation Clear glass is our second choice.


Gravity bar wall cleat system. It eliminates the need for D-rings (which are visible if viewed from the side). The gravity bar keeps the frame flush to the wall, vertical, yet allows a bit of left/right movement.


Contact us for a framing options conversation. Depending on your needs and location, we can take in charge the framing for you. 

You will find below examples of prices for framing. These prices are not final and may vary according to your framing selection. 

*CAD $ | Plus applicable taxes, shipping & packaging fees.