By Richard Johnson.

While people in Ontario were experiencing an unusually mild winter, I returned to my favorite ice fishing spots where blowing snow and -25 degree temperatures are guaranteed.

At La Baie des Ha!Ha!, Saguenay River, I discovered that the ice village is continuing to grow every year which requires a certain order and planning. The huts are positioned on ice roads, laid out with address posts, keeping everyone safe on the ice. Which brings a good challenge to find the right view point that shows the scale of the village with hundreds of huts. Rather than using a drone or helicopter to get above the bay, I climbed the adjacent mountain and got some good overall images that show the scale of this phenomenon.

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Lac-St-Jean (Quebec) :: There were three large villages on the ice. One at Métabetchouan, Roberval and St-Félicien, and oddly enough there is no fishing. The old fishing huts and trailers are brought together in a circle forming a community with recreational playgrounds for families where there is skating, hockey, bonfires, and all sorts of winter activities.


Péribonka, Lac-St-Jean (Quebec) :: First discovery of a teepee and an igloo after nine years of travelling coast-to-coast. For me, it was a real confirmation that I have seen all architectural forms applied to ice fishing.


St-Anne-de-la-Pérade (Quebec) :: A favorite place that I stop in every year and this year was no disappointment. The sky is full of wires that brings electricity to the rental huts, a visual delight.


[+] See the 2016 Ice Huts.

March 15, 2016 by Richard Johnson

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