$13 000

Is the total amount of money raised on September 21st, at the Gardiner Museum during the 5th annual Art Auction to support Nyota and Wezesha, which empower destitute youth in Kenya to become leaders through education. 
Ice Village # 53, La Baie Des Ha! Ha!, Saguenay River, Quebec, Canada, 2014 was the last of the pieces to be presented. The dessert!
Scotia Bank had announced previously that they would match the hammer price for the Ice Village. So when the auctioneer Stephen Ranger mentioned the final hammer price, $6 500, we knew our piece would have a great contribution for the cause.   
It was an amazing evening, we were honoured to be part of it and contribute.
Ice Village # 53, La Baie Des Ha! Ha!, Saguenay River, Quebec, Canada, 2014
  • Total amount of money raised | $13 000
  • Framing | Museum Glass with Black Shadowbox Frame
  • Size | 27" x 60"
  • Edition | 2 of 6

About this collection

Johnson's Ice Villages Series explores the resilience of ice fishing communities in Canada. Photographed as wide panoramas, each location reveals unique solutions to cultural and geographical differences. 

Located along the lower part of the Saguenay River in Quebec Province, La Baie Des Ha! Ha! is a popular ice fishing destination. The shoreline, acting as a hinge, is constantly cracking and moving while it adjusts to a vertical displacement of 6 feet every 11 hours as a result of local tides.

October 11, 2016 by Christophe La Fontaine

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